Student council elections begin now

Peyton Sperry, Staff Reporter

The student council will be having elections at Bishop Noll this year, on October 6th-8th. Students will be voting digitally for class officers on a Google Form. 


    According to student council sponsor, Mr. Kevin Burgun, the goal of class officers is to show that students can be leaders as well. “There will be a Google form. Ballots are sent October 6th and are open until 3p.m October 8th.” Kevin Burgun also said that, “The election is not different then the elections we had before.”

    Everyone in the student council has responsibilities for what they are going to be doing. “Student council  has a myriad of responsibilities.” Burgun says. 

    Burgun said the only plans he has for the officers is to fulfill their responsibilities. 

    Senior Eric Copeland, who is running for president, wants the student council to be more involved in the students’ time at Bishop Noll. “I plan to make the student career of our  students at BNI the best we can possibly make it.” Copeland said, “I  promise to listen. I promise to listen to the voice of our students and find out what it is they expect from me, and then act accordingly.”

    Eric Copeland promises a positive future if he wins elections. “I would like to see our students, my peers, interacting a bit more with each other. If BNI is a family, then I would like to see it,” he said. “The goal is for every student at Bishop Noll to feel at home.” 

    Copeland would also like to institute more changes. “A few more field days would be amazing,” he said. “A few more mental breaks for our students is something I feel like we need. Our students work hard everyday to get the best education they can get, so we owe it to them to get a mental break here and there. Rather that’s having an all school field day once or twice a month, or having an all student Netflix and snack day.”