The Bishop Noll Warriors lose their fourth game against the Wheeler Bearcats 19-72

Beethoven Chavez, Staff Reporter

The Bishop Noll Warriors football team is preparing themselves after losing three consecutives games for their next away game against Wheeler Highschool this Friday at Valparaiso, Indiana.

The players faced many obstacles in Friday’s game, but now have a second chance at redemption of recovering from these losses by getting into the right mindset and having focus and discipline.

Sophomore Micah Jones, said,”A lot of people just faced a lot of obstacles, injuries, not being focused. We should connect as a team, we should start playing for ourselves, and just focus more and do our job”.

The players have stated that they lacked focus during practices which lead to them not trying and reaching their full potential at games.
Junior Joe Elkins, said,” In practices we fool around alot, joke about each other, and I think that is why we keep losing”.

Joe Elkins and Micah Jones have stated key facts on why they haven’t been successful, but they have said on how the team can bounce back and what they must achieve to reach their goals.

“We created a brotherhood here, we’re a family, and no one can take that from us. We are going to focus more, do our job, do the extra, and take all the necessary steps to be better as a team, whatever it takes” said Sophomore Micah Jones.