NHS becomes more flexible this year

Nalaya Ochoa, Staff reporter

The National Honor Society has been tutoring on average 7-10 students each week since they started up in September, leading to what NHS hopes is an all-around increase of better grades among the student body.
This year, Geometry has been the most requested subject and they’ve been able to help each student, said senior tutor Aaliyah Crawford.
The biggest hurdle NHS is faced with is students schedule tutoring but don’t show up. They are working on a solution to fix this problem.
“Students seeking tutoring must also work to better themselves in a course with which they have trouble; it is a two-way street,” said Ms. Stacia Bolakowski.
NHS has started to become more flexible this year, students that aren’t able to do after school tutoring can receive tutoring during SRT.
“We offer tutoring in all subjects. If there is one that isn’t on our form then a student can email me and I can connect them with a tutor that way,” said senior Crawford.