Science Olympiad 2021

Yulianna Nolasco, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll’s Science Olympiad is gearing up for their first practice run this year.

     Mrs. Mary Albrecht, sponsor of  Science Olympiad, said the club meets once a month in the Stream lab. 

     “We will have our first invitational practice run in December and that will be virtual,” Albrecht said. 

     Following the December competition, the team will go to regionals in January at Purdue Northwest. If the team advances, they will compete at State in February. 

     “Each student has anywhere from two or three events and some of those events are building events where they have to physically build something and it will get tested the day of,” Albrecht said. “Some of them are tests where they have to study.”

     The Science Olympiad is a competition. “Science Olympiad is every subject in science ever known. They each have an event, whether a test, a build, or a practice session,” Albrecht said.

     “Well we’ve had a call out meeting for students that were interested. We’re probably going to have two teams this year for the first time,” Albrecht said. “So if anybody is still interested,they can come and find me and ask if they can still join.”