Speech and Debate has continued success

Both speech and debate have had great results in their tournaments.

Victoria Piskol, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll speech and debate is starting off this season on a successful note with debate placing 3rd at the Valparaiso tournament and speech placing 4th in a national tournament. 

The debate team had their first tournament on Oct.2 at Valparaiso High School. At this tournament all five debaters were able to score in the top six of their respective chambers. 

MariaEmilia Quiroga and Victoria Piskol both placed 3rd place. Sergio Meza, Marissa Casares and Amanda Gholston all placed 6th in their respective chambers. 

The speech team had their first virtual tournament on Oct. 2 and six members of the speech team were able to place in the top six of their respective events. 

Addison Mosley and Grace Shebish both received 6th place in their respective events. Mosley in poetry and Shebish in Radio. Cheri Michalek placed 5th in Prepared Prompt. Victoria Piskol, Alexandra Magallanes, Isabella L. Garcia and Nestor Soto all received 4th place in their events. Piskol in POI and Magallanes, Garcia, and Soto had an unbreakable tie in Radio. MariaEmilia Quiroga placed 3rd in POI. 

With both the speech and debate teams starting off successfully, Mr. Kevin Burgun, the speech and debate team coach is excited for this year and the growth of the team. 

Each member brings a different strength to the team, whether it be confidence, delivery, writing skills, or their passion,” he said.

Junior team captain Marissa Casares competes in original oratory and United States extemporaneous speaking as well as competing with the debate team. With the team growing this year, Casares has become someone who the team goes to for advice and guidance. 

“My strength on the team is the knowledge I have gotten,” she said. “I try my best to help the new students with their events.” 

Newcomers to the team have learned that it is an adjustment. But junior MariaEmilia Quiroga has a different perspective, with being able to catch on quickly and always wanting to try new events. Quiroga has been successful this season. Competing in original oratory, U.S. extemporaneous speaking, and occasionally reading a Program Oral Interpretation as well as competing with the debate team, she has done well at the first tournaments of the year. Receiving 3rd place in both of her respective events for both tournaments, Quiroga said she was “definitely surprised”

The speech team has their next tournament on Oct. 23. The debate team has their next tournament on Nov. 6.