‘Wickedly Whiting’ returns after COVID hiatus.

Hailey Wojtaszek , Staff Reporter

On Friday Oct. 8, Wickedly Whiting opened up for the first time since Covid. This year, the event took place on 119th St. and Whihala Beach in Whiting. Was themed  around witches.


Wickedly Whiting officially reopened since 2019 on Oct. 8 and was a two-day event, which featured food and shop vendors local to Hammond and Whiting. Along with the vendors, Whihala the Witch made an appearance. The local town legend however, was much nicer than usual during the festival and walked around taking pictures with people. 


Locals haven’t had the chance to explore and visit the scary attraction in two years, which is why this year, Bishop Noll freshman Megan Virosztko was so thrilled it came back.


 “Being able to come back to Wickedly Whiting now finally this year put me in the true Halloween vibe,” she said.


Even though Wickedly Whiting returned, it doesn’t mean everything’s completely normal again. In order to be able to maintain a safe environment, changes had to be made. In years past, the attraction has been a full house, with lots of venues setup and large masses of people dressed up. With COVID as a variable, they’ve had to cut down on the number of venues and people significantly.


“There definitely was a small fraction gone compared to years before, but I mean, no matter the amount of things they offered, I’d rather have something than nothing,” Virosztko said.