Senior Julie Wedryk’s passion for dance

Olivia Magallon, Staff Reporter

Senior Julie Wedryk pursues her own hobby outside of school at Jane Berland’s School of Dance. 

Wedryk has been dancing since the age of 2. Through the years she found her love and passion for dancing. She has also made many lifelong friends in the process of pursuing her passion.


The styles of dance she has performed include tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, ballet, and musical theater. “My favorites are ballet and lyrical,” says Wedryk. 

Wedryk not only performs, but competes in dance competitions. 

“Competition season is in March, but we condition all year round,” says Wedryk, “The environment is just the same with any team. There are times where we get frustrated but we just push through it and work together because at the end of the day we all love each other like a family.” 

Wedryk says that she even won first place in her solo in overalls.

Some performances she was a part of for dance were The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz and many more.

Dance also gave her the opportunity to travel to many places like Indianapolis, Wisconsin, New York, and more. 

Wedryk says that dance has given her confidence and has made her a more outgoing person. It has also taught her leadership skills, sportsmanship, commitment, and determination.

“Dancing is something I love and it makes me happy,” says Wedryk.