Chinese club Broadens Students’

Peyton Sperry, Staff Reporter

If you love Chinese culture, you might want to check out Bishop Noll’s newest cultural and heritage club, the Chinese club.

“Currently, the club is run by students in the Honors Chinese 4 class. The Chinese club meets in Chinese teacher Mrs. Julie Niu’s classroom during Chinese classes,” according to senior officer Ceaira Robinson.

The first event the Chinese club held was a bake sale on Nov. 22 and Nov. 23. We did really well especially since it was before the Thanksgiving break,” Robinson said. “We also went on a trip to ChinaTown in Chicago on November 19. Almost everyone went and we all enjoyed not only the food but the unique items they have in the stores.” 

    Robinson said she started the club because of her love for Chinese culture. “The things I enjoy about Chinese culture would be the beautiful arts, delicious food, and the respect they have for one another especially to elders and the value of family,”she said.

    She also likes the club because it allows her to interact with other students who also enjoy the culture.  “The things I enjoy about the club is that we have a chance to learn more about other cultures to see not only the differences but also the things we all have in common,” she said. “I especially enjoy playing different games that they were raised playing like JIÀN ZI (毽子). It is a traditional Chinese national sport in which players aim to keep a heavily weighted shuttlecock in the air by using their bodies, apart from the hands.”

    Robinson encourages students to take a part in any of Bishop Noll’s cultural clubs because it broadens students’ perspectives. “I was always interested in culture and different languages while growing up,” Robinson said. “That stems from me being two different ethnicities and trying to learn about them. I became more curious to learn about everyone’s cultures, so I decided to try something new like learning Mandarin Chinese.”