Bishop Noll’s Shoes

Beethoven Chavez, Staff Reporter

At Bishop Noll Institute the students have a variety of unique styling to the shoes they wear on their feet, and rock everyday at school.
It could be slides, crocs, Jordans, adidas, or any other type of footwear. The students wear them and wear them with style. From coming from the latest newest freshest sneakers on the market, to simple but comfortable shoes like crocs. Even though we are not allowed to wear them, people still do.
Some students wear their fancy Sunday church shoes to look presentable. Some choose to wear expensive and hottest shoes that came out. People wear their brand new Yeezys, some wear their newest Jordans like the new Pine green 3s. Most of the young women in our school wear Ugg boots which are very comfortable and look nice because of the material. More were plaid white or black Nikes or Adidas.
Other things that the girls wear are sperrys.
Freshman Caleb Carter said, “My shoes have been through a lot, they’ve been worn in the sun, woods, I run in them, anything but I don’t have time to clean them up all the time”.
Senior Armani Springs is one of the many sneakerheads at Bishop Noll. His collection of shoes run from just a pair of Nike slides to a pair of $400 Jordan 4 White Tech Oreos. His favorite shoes are the variety of 4s. He’s worn his Jordan Breds 11s Taupe Haze 4s, Fire Red 3s, and Oreo 4s.
He said, “Shoes are one of my favorite things in the world, they give me style and they show who I am, and plus they look fresh on my feet.
Many students’ sneakers are super clean and well taken care of. Well some students don’t take care of their shoes as much.
A couple of students have said they’re shoes really don’t mean that much to them and it won’t hurt the world if they’re a little bit scuffed up. Students wear what they like and feel comfortable in. It doesn’t matter if you have the cleanest or hottest shoes on the market. All that doesn’t matter. You should be able to wear what you want and be comfortable and be confident in what you will, and not let anyone influence you or make you feel like you need the newest shoes.
Sophomore Micah Jones said,”I wear New Balances and I like them, they give me a sense of pride because I don’t match or have to agree with peoples standards on shoes. I rock them pretty well and they look good on me and that’s all that matters”.