Sophomore shares interest of origami

Lacey Stanford, Staff Reporter

Painalli Patino is a sophomore at Bishop Noll who has some interesting hobbies and talents . She has a hobby of origami and a talent for dance. She started to get into origami in 6th grade. She got into it from a childhood friend who would do it and watched tons of YouTube videos. She gives the origami she makes to people for gifts and also in school when she has photography class. She would display them and ask if anyone just wanted some. She also uses origami as a way to chill and it helps her focus in school. Her favorite things to make out of folded paper are animals. 


“My favorite thing about origami is the outcome of the folded paper when it starts off from a square,” Patino said.


Painalli got into dance when she was 4 years old. She’s been dancing ever since. Starting out she was put into ballet class for a year then branched out to hip hop,liturgical dance, and folorical dancing. She did these dances 2-5 years after her ballet classes.She was in the dance club that was at Bishop Noll for a some amount of time and would help out by teaching the other people in the club the dances they were learning. 


“With my hobby I’m just able to let out any emotion and just get a workout depending on which type of dance it is, dancing helps me stay woke,” she said.