Bishop Noll student athlete deals with time management, socializing, and keeping up with being in three sports

Kicking into success During game time against Hebron High School, Ariana Magallanes being on offense, kicks the soccer ball. In order to score a goal, she passed the ball to one of her teammates on October 8, 2021 on Hebron’s soccer field.

Guadalupe Aguado , Staff Reporter

It’s the last game of the soccer season and sophomore Ariana Magallanes is getting ready to play. As a team, they are praying and saying their intentions. When that is over with, Magallanes always stretches in a specific order. Lacing up her cleats, making sure her ponytail is tight, always putting on her left shin guard before her right one, and listening to upbeat music to shake off the nerves. 

    Magallanes is a three sport athlete dealing with soccer in the summer, basketball in the winter, and tennis during spring. 

    “What made me interested in playing these sports was that I’ve been practically playing sports my whole life, so really, they just grew on me. All of my friends played sports and I really love how much of a family each team feels like.”

    With only being in the second year of high school, you would expect her to be playing for not that long, but Magallanes states that she has been doing soccer for seven years, basketball for six years, and this year will be her second year playing tennis. 

    Being a part of extra curricular activities can be difficult, because of managing time when it comes to socializing and school work. 

    “Managing my time is the hardest thing about playing three sports. When it comes to the socializing aspect, I only really have time to hangout over holiday breaks or the weekends,” said Magallanes. “The biggest thing that helps me is doing my work during class time. I try to get as much work done during school so I have time for myself when I get out of practice. It’s like a routine: school, practice, eat, homework, shower, sleep, and repeat.”

    What influenced her to keep playing since her freshman year is the memories, laughs, and her friends that kept her wanting to play. Having your best friend by your side through everything is one of the best feelings to have. Sophomore Zeltzin Carrillo is that person to Magallanes. 

    “Technically we knew each other since second grade, but we actually became friends during fifth grade.” What made them stay close for so long was that they have lots of similarities, but according to Carillo, she says mainly Magallanes is a really good friend and overall she has an amazing personality.

    Although they don’t get much time to spend together outside of school acknowledging Magallanes has either practices or games, they usually plan ahead of time so they know whether or not either of them is busy or not. 

    There are lots of times athletes want to give up due to everything that is going on in their personal lives that others may not know about. On the other hand, it is different for Magallanes; the adrenaline she gets from hearing her name called as a starter is insane for her, and the lack of sleep becomes worth it after the goal, basket, or point is scored.

    “I want to continue as a three sport athlete because I love each sport. Each of them individually the way I play is so different from the other, yet, they all bring the same enormous amounts of joy.”

    Being a new entrepreneur is nerve racking especially for first impressions. Although throughout the season, you can change your teammates’ mind. 

    Senior Melissa Carlos said that her first impression of Magallanes was that she was a bit timid, however that quickly changed when she got to know her!

    Others say joining a sport or club can help you make new friends and put yourself out there, but no one gives you the reality about having a busy schedule.  

    Wanting to stay committed to everything, Magallanes tries to keep a healthy mindset to keep up with it.

    “The support system you get from sports and the memories you make during the season, is just unbeatable,” she says. “You have the ability to make so many new friends and meet so many new people from other schools. I also find that all the sports I play are fun because I am really competitive.”

    Being competitive is a good way to let it all out when playing because you want to win. 

    “Ari makes an impact on the time since she is very determined to do her best, she definitely gave our team a boost with her competitiveness and her determination,” said Carlos. 

    Carrillo says that on the soccer team, she is definitely a really good wing, and she helps a lot along the sides and knows when to do it. 

    According to Carlos, she states that as a player Magallanes is determined and focused on always going toward her goal whether it is to score a goal or to score a point. 

    Both Carlos and Carrillo agree that overall Magallanes is really supportive, brings humor to the teams, and is always alert to others. 

    “Before playing three sports, I was more self oriented. I had the time to pamper myself and keep myself busy through hobbies. I think I might’ve been a bit more lazy and immature to be honest,” says Magallanes when thinking about the ways she is a different person today becuase of being a three sport athlete.

    When going throughout the school year with no breaks, Magallanes describes how these sports have affected her in a positive and negative way. 

    “Soccer has given me almost all of my friends and has made me have really good endurance. Basketball has made me more disciplined and has improved my work ethic. While tennis is just the funnest sport ever, I love it so much,” she says. “As for the downsides, since basketball is a winter sport, the week before finals and during finals is the absolute worst. There’s practice after practice, and the school squeezes in as many games as they can before break. Those two weeks are so stressful with finals. With all the games I barely have any time to go over study guides.” 

    With trying to be a good friend, Carrillo tries her best to be there for Magallanes throughout it all. “Though I think I need to do a better job at encouraging her to keep going on with her sports, and try to remind her to keep doing her schoolwork, whenever she is in a tough situation. I usually tell her that whatever she’s struggling on the most, focus more on that.”

    When being an athlete, there is normally someone, something or even yourself that encourages you to keep playing, and for Magallanes that person is her mom. “My mom comes to every game, match, etc. She’s always there to give me a hug after any win or loss. I love hearing my mom in the stands, it’s the funniest thing ever. I know for a fact she enjoys supporting me, so even if I didn’t want to play, I’d do it for her.” 

    She says that both her parents actually encourage her the most to keep playing. “My dad has more of a tough love approach, while my mom just wants me to be happy. Both my parents are supportive of my decisions though.”

    Carrillo honestly doesn’t know how she does it when being a three sport athlete.

    “She’s basically doing sports all year, but it really helps her stay fit and healthy, so that’s good.”

    It can be stressful but Magallanes is planning to be a three sport athlete by the end of her senior year. “I don’t plan to quit any sports now, and I want senior night for all of them! That’s what I’m looking forward to.”

    In her free time, Magallanes keeps up with other hobbies. “I have a lot of hobbies considering I have like zero time. I play the trumpet, ukulele, read, crochet, and I love fashion. I think sports are the main part of my life, but there are a lot of little things no one knows about.”