Students form book club


Book Worm Ms. Dominiak digital art teacher and book club moderator, is excited to be reading her first book for the BNI book club. The club first met on February 28 where they started the book circle by Madeline Miler.

April Sepulveda, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll’s newest club, the book club, was formed by a small group of bibliophiles that wanted to discuss literature outside of the classroom. The club, led by Ms. Hannah Dominiak, photography teacher, held its first meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 22, and will continue to meet every other Monday after school in Rm. 216.

Dominiak said she came up with the idea after a couple of students approached her about it, as she has had experience with book clubs in the past. 

“I love to read, and last February I actually joined a Zoom book club with some friends who live all across the country,” Dominiak said.

She explained how she has always expressed an interest in reading from a young age.

“I love reading because it allows me to escape into a fun story for a little while,” she said. ”I’ve loved reading since I was a little kid, and I’m glad that it’s continued into my adult life.”

There are about 15 people interested in the club but Dominiak hopes to have more interest next year. But for right now, she has many plans for this year’s club.

“I would love to read Harry Potter, but that’s also a seven book commitment!” Dominiak said. “Currently, I would love to read The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner with students, but I’m sure I’ll find some more books I’ll want to read with the club as well as get suggestions from students themselves.”

Dominiak said she believes this club can provide an outlet for many avid readers to get together and share their love of reading outside of an academic setting. 

One of the members, senior Genesis Medina, also expressed lots of interest in the club.

“I love to read and it’s my favorite thing to do during my spare time,” Medina said. “I hope to connect with other book readers and be able to have other people to discuss books with.”

Medina expressed that she is excited to start reading and to hear other people’s thoughts about the books.

“It’s a fun club and it allows us to escape the real world for a bit because with each story we read it’s another world that’s explored,” she said.. “I would love to read The Inheritance Games, One of us is Lying, and We Were Liars.”

The group has recently decided to read Circle by Madeline Miller, which is a book set during the Greek myths and is about Circe discovering her powers of sorcery.

“My hope is that we just have fun and can come together to discuss books and stories. I also hope this club will allow students to get to know each other, and become an area where new friendships can grow,” Dominiak said.