Bishop Noll lifts mask mandate


At Bishop Noll Institute, student are allowed to remove their masks or keep them on. This started on March 14.

Yulianna Nolasco, Staff Reporter

            It’s been 2 years since the Covid- 19 Pandemic started. Everything is slowly going back to normal. But now we still have to wear masks at some places.


            Luckily, Bishop Noll has made a plan to return to Normality. There are three phases. The first started on February 28, 2022. This phase has allowed for all the students to be joined again into one classroom. Before, students were separated into 2 classrooms, due to social distancing.


           Phase two is effective from March 7, 2022. This phase allows students to remove their masks in the classroom. During this phase, students must wear their masks during passing periods.


            Phase three started on March 14, 2022. This is the last phase.Students are allowed to not wear masks anymore, even during the passing period. 


            Although BNI will soon be completely mask optional, there are still risks of COVID-19 cases. If you do test positive for Covid 19, you MUST still follow the regular Covid-19 protocols. 


            Freshman Karla Avitia, says “ I’m going to continue to wear my mask. Simply because I don’t want to put my loved ones at risk nor at danger. I’m not excited about masks being optional in most places, because I am scared of new or sudden COVID outbreaks, I don’t feel as though rushing the process to normalcy is an effective way to avoid and stop the spread COVID. Im am also afraid that we’ll never go back to how it was before, that complete normalcy is not going to be reached. I hope that COVID protocols will be set not according to “wants” but in accordance with the safety of BNI attending students.”


             “I am scared of there being another large COVID outbreak causing us to quarantine. I really just want to move forward from this tragic virus. I am glad people are trying to return to normalcy, but I just ask people to know that it still exists and you still have to be cautious and considerate of others. I just don’t want them to return to normalcy so rapidly, irresponsibly, and just seeking for it to be back to before.” Says freshman, Jara Zamora