Plans for Spring Break

Olivia Magallon, Staff Reporter

Many BNI students are looking forward to their plans for this upcoming spring break. 

Students have many plans for the spring break. Spring break is a time for relaxation, fun, time spent with loved ones, and/or travel.


“This spring break I’m going to visit my brother at Kansas University,” said Senior Kayode Olaoye.


“This spring break I will be staying home and spending time with my siblings,” said Junior Rebecca Carlos, “Some activities that I will be participating in would probably be playing tennis with my sister or going shopping.” 


“I’m going to Destin Florida with my family,” said Senior Addison Ciposki. 


Students also look forward to what spring break has to offer.


“I’m looking forward to visiting my brother because I rarely see him,” said Olaoye. 


“I’m looking forward to a break from school and giving myself time to relax,” said Carlos, “I’m also looking forward to finishing this book that I haven’t had time to pick up.” 


“I’m looking forward to having time off of school and being in the sun,” said Ciposki. 


It has been repeatedly said that most people would enjoy spending their break with others. 


“I like spending spring break with others because I feel like I can do more; especially outdoors,” said Olaoye. 


“I will spend this break with others,” said Carlos. 


“I enjoy spending spring break with my friends and family,” said Ciposki. 


Breaks like spring break are needed for the students to get time for themselves to take a step back from life and take care of their mental health. Breaks can offer a sense of relaxation/calmness from the stresses of school. Breaks give the mind rest which is very much needed by students. 


“Breaks are definitely beneficial for mental health because it creates a balance between work and relaxation,” said Olaoye.


“Breaks are beneficial to my mental health because I feel like going to school for a continuous time period just leads to you being stressed and feeling worn out,” said Carlos. 


“Yes, breaks are so necessary for mental health,” said Ciposki, “Too much of anything is harmful so we definitely need a break from school to recharge and relax.”