Bishop Noll’s first support group

Yulianna Nolasco, Staff Reporter

     Bishop Noll Institute’s student support group will meet Mondays after school in room B118. 


    Junior Brian Barragan had started this group as a way to offer students a safe space to talk to one another.  “I started this group as a way of coping with my own trauma and because I noticed how no one really talks about mental health,” he said.“My goal with this group is to create a safe place for students where they can feel safe to express their emotions. I want students to leave each meeting with a new view on whatever is troubling them.”


    The first meeting was Monday, May 2They will continue to meetevery Monday right after school. “Each meeting will start off with students journaling how their day went and whatever they felt went wrong. Then each meeting will have a different topic, such as coping skills, have to manage stress, how to deal with anger, and so on,” Barragan said.


    All students are allowed to join or stop in whenever they feel comfortable. “Students should join because they do not have to go through their hardships alone,” Barragan said. “There are many people here that will just sit and listen to them. If they aren’t comfortable talking to an adult, they can come here and talk about it with someone closer to their age.”