Bishop Noll’s Park Cleanup Crew


Mr. Ed Watrobka, English teacher, hosted a park cleanup for Bishop Noll alumni on May 14 at Nichols Park in Gary, IN.

Yulianna Nolasco, Staff Reporter

           Bishop Noll’s sophomore English teacher, Ed Watrobka, organized a park cleanup on May 14  and May 21, 2022 at Nichols Park in Gary, IN. 


            There were two dates that students were able to help. The cleanup consisted of 16 students and two teachers over both days. Mr. John Gleason, social studies teacher, and Mr. Robert Jackowski, theology teacher, volunteered as well. The students were also able to get service hours for volunteering. 


            “My friend Libré Booker from Living Green Garden and the Poor People’s Campaign envisioned the revitalization of Nichols Park in Gary,” Watrobka said. “I believe she started to work on it last year. I came in during last year’s harvest and was amazed at how much food grew out of 4 vegetable beds for the neighborhood.” 


              There were many fun activities to do other than cleanup. The students got the chance to plant trees, make flower beds, and water the plants. The students even had a chance to make new friends. 


             “I did make new friends while helping clean up the park,” said sophomore Aquyla Ollie. She attended the park cleanup on May 14.


             “The park cleanup was a good memory and hopefully I can come back and see the progress when I’m older,” said freshman Cheyenne Ruiz.