Bishop Noll student art on display at South Suburban College

Ceasar Perez, Staff Reporter

Sixteen Bishop Noll art students were selected to attend a field trip to South Suburban College in South Holland, IL to see their work showcased at the Annual SSC Regional High School Art Exhibit on Feb. 21. According to Ms. Jen Gwiazda, art teacher, the students proved that they have shown passion for their artwork and are attending to represent Bishop Noll. 

   At the event, the students will see their own artwork, as well as other students’ pieces, on display. Additionally, there will be a presentation from a guest artist about his life work, inspiration, and the process he uses to create art. The awards for “Best in School” and overall “Best in Show” will be presented.

     According to Gwiazda, the students work on display is 2-dimensional and includes acrylic paintings and drawings with charcoal, graphite, conte’ sticks. There is even a digital self portrait by senior Julian Wisniewski, linocut ink prints, and some works with mixed media.     

   “Some of the artwork included were still flies, self portraits, drawings done in cubism art style, and much more,” she said.

        Sophomore Millie Magana explained that she is looking forward to seeing different techniques that people demonstrate on their artwork. She hopes to learn about different ideas that people incorporate in their artwork and the meanings meanings behind them.

    Sophomore Genesis Hernadez, said that she is looking forward to seeing different ways people express their creative minds on a canvas. What she wants to learn is improving her skills and her artistic abilities throughout months and years of practice. 

   “Every time I see someone’s unique style of art, it sparks ideas for new pieces of future artwork,” she said.

     Sophomore Vanessa Salazar would like to see varieties of art pieces since everyone has their own art piece. 

   “What I want to learn from the field trip is how far we have come in improving our skills and our artistic abilities throughout months and years of practice,” she said.

     Gwiazda expressed that she is looking forward to seeing this event ignite an even bigger passion in her students for art and appreciation for other artists as well as themselves and their own skills. 

   Art can be a passion and a craft you sharpen for life whether it relates to your career path or not – it is an outlet for creativity that should be celebrated!” she stated.