Heart of a Champion program replaces freshman seminar

Walter Peasant, Staff Reporter

The Heart of a Champion program, which has replaced the former freshman seminar program is a full semester program that focuses on character traits. These traits include commitment, leadership,  perseverance, teamwork, respect, integrity, responsibility, self control and compassion. “This program is being introduced in order to have the freshmen learn how to work together in group work, different methods of writing, and discussing character.” according to Heart of a Champion instructor, Andrew Ramker.

“Bishop Noll is not the only school to use this program.” says Karen Pobereyko. Many states throughout the nation have used the program .They have been funded and underwritten by major business leaders, as well as sport franchises and individual sports athletes. Some would consider this program to be a written guide, and even videos telling true stories of character being discussed.

So far, the program has already made cross-curricular connections in other classes. Mrs. Pobereyko has been impressed by the results being made so far, and thinks that the program will help develop a student’s “Mind, Body, and Soul.”

Future plans to incorporate the program on a larger scale are already in planning stages.