Academic Superbowl announces theme for 2015

Walter Peasant, Reporter

  The Academic Superbowl competition has announced their theme for this year, The Grandeur That Was Rome, in 148 BC – 225 AD,  according to Academic Superbowl sponsor, Mr. David Tutacko, who went to an Academic Superbowl conference last month. The competition pins teams of 25-30 students against each other, testing their knowledge of English, fine arts, math, science, social studies, and interdisciplinary.

   Regular team meetings are held during College and Career Prep periods or Silent Resource Time periods. According to Tutacko, anyone can join, only if they are willing to put in the team effort and research for the competition.

“Teamwork is absolutely needed for this challenge”, said senior Lauren Burns, who competed last year.

“While teamwork is needed, it’s important to have fun at the same time,” said senior Sam Sapyta, who has competed for the last three years and intends to finish off his high school career in the Academic Superbowl.

The competition is April 21, 2015, at Wheeler High School.