Campus Ministry does it again!

Walter Peasant, Staff Reporter

We asked the campus minister of Bishop Noll, Dan Masterton, about what he and a group of students do for the Hammond Whiting Care Center. As he describes this, he says that we help over there not as a service, but we do it for their clients as not a lot of people come in to just spend time with them. Thats one of the things bishop noll students are best at.

Normally, he and a group of students goes to the center once a month, in hopes of gradually establishing connections with local organizations to which can establish relationships with marginalized people. By spending time with those we too often forget, we can erase the space between groups of people. They have painted arts and crafts, baked cookies, played bingo, painted nails, and made hot chocolate with the residents. As such, the Activities Department are very grateful for all they have done. Only one or two staff members would take care of transporting residents to the social area, the students would help them with residents, set up the area, and engage in whatever activity was planned. It helps the staff when they have more help.