Debunking the myths of local haunts

Caitlyn Grcich, Copy Editor

Resurrection Cemetery, located in Justice, Illinois, just 25 minutes from Hammond is thought to be of one of the most haunted cemeteries in the Midwest, but is it really as haunted as thought?

Accounts say that Resurrection is most famously haunted by the restless spirit of Resurrection Mary. Mary is said to have gone to dance at the O’Henry Ballroom, but got into a fight with her boyfriend and decided to hitchhike home. Within the 2 miles from the ballroom to Resurrection Cemetery, she is said to have died by a hit-and-run.  

Walking up to Resurrection Cemetery, it seemed like a typical cemetery, however, once at the gates, there was something peculiar. On the metal bars of the fence, there are two bars that appear to have been pulled apart and perfectly fit the shape of one’s fingers. Cemetery employees want to fix these bars, but have yet to do so.

Upon walking into the cemetery, there was almost a sort of uneasiness. It was relatively quiet, even for being on a rather busy road. While walking around, very little happened. No orbs, no unidentifiable sounds, nothing out of the ordinary for a cemetery. It was a rather lackluster experience.

After wandering around the cemetery, I finally went back to my car. While Mary is said to have asked for a ride to the cemetery, then midway through, just disappear, that experience wasn’t present. While I went during the evening, peak time for paranormal activity, nothing happened.

While Resurrection Cemetery is thought to hold the spirit of a restless woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, there was very little to be seen. The history of the cemetery is interesting, but as for the haunts, I wouldn’t count on seeing much.