Debunking the myths of local haunts

Caitlyn Grcich, Copy Editor

Bachelor’s Grove – Midlothian, IL – 143rd St.


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a cemetery that had a vivid past, so much so that some of those that lie there can not rest.

Bachelor’s Grove was abandoned years ago, but that does not stop people from flocking to the obscure, oddly-placed cemetery that has long been known for paranormal activity and other unexplained activities.

The road leading to the cemetery is very eerie; quiet and overgrown with weeds. While it backs up to the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve off the Midlothian turnpike, there was less noise than I expected.

Upon walking into the cemetery, I had an eerie, chilly feeling. It felt as if I wasn’t alone, but rather with quite a few people, even though I only had my Mom with me. There are many old, abandoned gravestones, many that have been there for probably over a hundred years, but many of the dates have worn off.

Reports have ranged from seeing ghostly apparitions to orbs of white/yellow light. While the cemetery in general was quiet and had a cold “air” about it, nothing out of the ordinary happened. The air was drastically cooler in certain places, but this was also all outdoors, so that does not say much. I have to say, I was disappointed not to see any orbs or apparitions after so much hype for this area that is said to be rampant with restless spirits.

While I seen no orbs or apparitions, I would urge everyone to visit this cemetery just for the sake of being able to say they were there. The history that surges through this place is enough to hype anyone up. The graves that have been there for nearly two-hundred years and the lure that bodies of the enemies of mob bosses lie there too, unmarked and unknown exactly where they lie give the cemetery a feeling of holding a secret. The history that runs through the veins of this cemetery makes up for the lack of paranormal activity, but I would count on some feelings of a crowd to accompany you, even if you are alone.