Swim team looks to overcome hurdles this season

Caitlyn Grcich, Staff Reporter

The Bishop Noll swim team is back with low numbers but many veterans. The season started in late October, with a strong experienced team and two new juniors.

  While the team is experienced, there is still strong competition to be had. Senior Captain Shana Cooper said, “Our biggest competition team wise would be Wheeler because they are a really good team and they are hard to beat in conference”.

  Low numbers are also a very big issue for the team, with three senior girls, three senior boys, and ten swimmers in all.

  Cooper also added, “I did swim last year so this year I want my biggest improvement to be getting stronger in the water and being able to not get tired as much”.

  With the loss of sophomore Andrew Figueroa, who carried on a legacy from older brother Justin, as well as senior Horacio Gonzalez, the team is trying to make up for power lost on the boy’s team.

  “As a whole team, we need to work on being better individually because our numbers are so small but we can work on ourselves and making ourselves better,” Cooper said.