Bishop Noll Science Olympiad 2017-2018

Moira Deel, Staff Reporter

For the first time ever, Bishop Noll is starting a Science Olympiad team next fall, led by math teacher Mrs. Colie Zwierz.“I was surprised that there was not a team here at Bishop Noll when I started to work here. I was on the team at my high school and thought it was such a great experience. We had the opportunity to go to the state competition at Indiana University-Bloomington. So I wanted to bring it back to Bishop Noll.” says Mrs. Zweirz.

In Science Olympiad at the high school level is student teams competing with other teams from different high schools by experiments and projects in the science field. This includes: earth science, biology, chemistry, physics and engineering.

“Science Olympiad is such a great opportunity for our students. This organization allows our students to be innovative and experiment in a competitive way. It’s not just for students who enjoy science or math, but rather for anyone willing to learn something new,” Zwierz says.

Bishop Noll applied to the Steelcase Grant and if chosen, her classroom will be renovated which will be great for the Science Olympiad team to experiment and do projects.

   “There would be portable tables, dry erase boards at students locations, and some other really great new features.” says, Mrs. Zwierz.