Yajaira Velasco-Valdez

Moira Deel, Staff Reporter

Yajaira Velasco-Valdez, a senior attending Bishop Noll, is adding to her growing collection of 200 plus books. Her love of books began four years ago when she visited a quaint little library in her old town. Since then, she fell in love with reading non-fiction, action, and fantasy books, but she doesn’t discriminate from other genres. Yajaira says she cannot decide which book is her exact favorite, but “Magic” by Marianne Curley and “Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac” by Gabrielle Zevin beat are at the top.

“The fact that I am living a different life every time I read a new book. That feeling that is greater that happiness. Greater than completion for me. It makes me feel full and like I have a purpose in life. It’s that feeling. That unique feeling that only you can experience for yourself. No one can teach you how to feel that way. Because it comes out from your very soul and it just devours you whole. And it becomes an obsession. It’s my obsession,” says Yajaira when she reads a new book.

Today she is currently reading the “5th W