Humans of Bishop Noll Part 2~Julia Fugger

Moira Deel, Staff Reporter

Julia Fugger is a senior at Bishop Noll who acts in school plays and sings in the choir, but Julia did not always have her spark for the stage lights at first.

“I actually had no desire to act or sing when I was younger.  The fourth through eighth graders at my old school put on a school production every fall, and my best friend wanted to audition.  I decided to sign up for backstage crew so we could hang out, but my friend could not find a partner to read lines with.  She begged me to audition with her and I reluctantly agreed.  Then I never left,” says Julia.

Julia has been in 15 productions  and performs at local community theaters in Hammond, Highland, and Merrillville, but has performed most often the Towle Theater in Hammond. Julia doesn’t want to pursue acting as a career but wants to continue to act. She plans to study culture and continue singing as well!

Julia is preparing for a role in the Towle Theater play “Heathers” as Heather Chandler.

“My favorite production is always the one that I currently am in.  I have found that I always do best in a show when I have a bit of an obsession over it,” she says.  “I sometimes even start acting like my character outside of rehearsal as opening night draws near.  (To anyone who has seen the 1980s movie adaptation, watch out!)”