All in the family, Junior Cornejo works for family business, local grocery store La Chiquita

Dominic Companiott, Sports Editor

Managing school on top of work can be tough when you’re still in high school. But not for junior Leslie Cornejo, who works at La Chiquita on Indianapolis Blvd in East Chicago. Cornjeo, whose grandfather owns the Mexican grocery store, has been working there for 3 years on regular weekend shifts. She says she also works on week days when she doesn’t have school.

As a cashier, Leslie loves interacting with others and talking and meeting new people. But making a little money on the side is a pretty big benefit of having an after-school job. Leslie said that she had broken her phone and couldn’t afford to replace it at the time, so by getting this job, it helped her make some money to replace her phone.

Leslie credits her grandfather as an inspiration for her good work ethic. He came from Mexico with nothing, she says, and now runs one of the longest running and most successful Mexican groceries in the area.

The biggest benefit of having an after school job is learning time management, Leslie says.

“I do track throughout the week and do homework [there], so it’s not that hard. It gives me a sense of responsibility and on the weekends, I do homework on Saturday and go out Sunday with friends after work.”

Leslie also has her plans in line for the future as well.

I plan to go to college and study to be a doctor,” she says and thinks that having a job will prepare her for a future of hard work. “You can’t just not go [to work] because you have other things. It’s your responsibility.”