Investing at the Regional Student Credit Union: saving up for the holidays and the future

Angela Luna , Staff Reporter

      Whether you want a debit card or a place to save money, the Regional Student Credit Union is the place to start. Open the first and third Friday of every month during lunch periods, the program is available to any Bishop Noll student.

      The Regional Student Credit Union is designed for students to save and manage money. It offers checking and savings accounts for students. The program creates a safe place for students to save money, whether a student is thinking long or short term.

The program offers different savings accounts, like special savings accounts and emergency saving accounts that allow students to separate their money. These saving accounts compound daily interest on the first dollar deposited, earning money for their accounts. Regional offers higher interest rates compared to regular banks making it a better investment for students.

     Any student can open a savings account. To open a checking account and get a debit card, a student must be 16 years old.  Opening an account is simple and only requires a few steps. All you need is $1 to open and account. Students must fill out an application (available in the main office), having a picture id (school id works just fine), know their social security number and their mother’s maiden name. The process is quick and simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes at lunch.

     The Regional Student Credit Union is one of the few credit unions in the area that allow students to open and manage an account through school. It’s convenient for college saving and easy to transfer once students graduate.   

      Regional offers further benefits once a student graduates. After graduation, students still have an account through the Regional Federal Credit Union. Their checking and savings account continue to work as normal; the only requirement is that account holders keep $5 at all time.  

      Compared to most banks Regional offers a nationwide shared branching network allowing students options to many branch locations and atms no matter where they are. There are hundreds of locations across the US and many atm locations when traveling abroad. Meanwhile, banking can be accessed online through mobile banking and accessible at anytime anywhere.