ISTEP testing begins Feb. 25

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ISTEP retesting and regular testing will held from Feb. 25 to Feb. 28. Retesters will be testing on the 3rd floor, sophomores will be testing on the 2nd floor, and there will be extra rooms available on the 1st floor.

  According to Ms. Michele Arnold, guidance counselor, retesters and sophomores will be taking the test at different times, but there won’t be much of a difference so they’ll all being testing from 8-9:45 or 10 each day.

  Also to avoid any issues, students will be using the Chromebooks instead of the iPads.   

  All student who are not testing will have late starts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

  According to Arnold, the math portion of the ISTEP is the biggest challenge for high school students to pass across the entire state. Most of the retesters will be retesting the math portion.

  “Students seem to have the most difficulty with the math ISTEP. It is difficult to pinpoint why this is the case,” Arnold said.

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