Football team grows with incoming freshman class

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Incoming football players and the team next season


  Coming off a successful rebuilding year that saw the most victories in five years, the Bishop Noll football program under Coach Wayne Racine’s leadership is now tapping into the Illinois market. Next season, Racine said there will be between five and six Hegewisch players that will be a part of the football program.

  In addition, there will also be between 15-20 other freshman teammates from other local programs joining the team.

   Next season, Coach Racine is looking forward to filling spots on the team in order for the new players to learn the game. He believes the team will have more wins this season. Coach Racine says, “If the team ever loses, will will continue to become stronger and learn from our loses.” According to Racine, winning and losing isn’t what he sees; he focuses on maturity and improvement for working as a team.

  “The future is bright and in a couple years, it won’t be the old Bishop Noll. We will be winning more games instead of losing around eight,” Racine said.

  He wants the team to bring more defensive and more physical and aggressive plays. Racine is confident that the returning players who will bring skill to the team are Amaurii Fallen, Nick Shebish, Chris Valdez, Araiza Alvaro, and Kyle Elkins. Racine says these players bring leadership, dedication, hard work, and positivity to the team. They have improved and shown respect to the team by being great listeners and coming together as a team.

  “They all work hard and I’m proud of them not only on the football field but in the school as far being citizens,” Racine said.


“A lot of loving for each other and they love being around each other by interacting and communication.” – Racine


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