Sticky Fingers

David Robles, Writer

On February 22, BNI was invited to take part in the South Suburban College art exhibitor the first time. The art exhibit  in South Holland, IL, showed off student work from schools all over the Chicagoland area Chicagoland.Emily Rokos won “”best in school”” .Rokos won out of 14 other fellow Bishop Noll students and was one of the twenty winners from each school. Rokos is unsure if she’d like to pursue a career in the arts but loves it nonetheless and is very passionate about it.


“Everyone’s work represented Bishop Noll well.  Emily’s artwork was this geometric shape optical illusion painting, and her work was very striking with her choice of color and meticulously executed”, said art teacher ,Jennifer Gwiazda.


  “To me, art means that I can express myself and unwind from a busy day,” she said.


   Her winning piece was an optical illusion painting that that Rokos made using acrylic paint and tape. She said she was inspired by various optical illusion artists.


Although Rokos won the award the award, she was surprised, saying,was surprised because there were were so many great artists at BNI that entered artworks.”


    Her process for making this art started off with her choosing an emotion to express. Then, she imagined the final product in her head, and finally she choose the medium. She said her motivation came from her desire to improve and create as much art as she can.