A Whole Noll World: Freshman Retreat 2019

Angela Luna

On Sunday, August 25th Bishop Noll welcomed the class of 2023 with the annual Freshman retreat. 

This year’s theme was inspired by the summer’s live action movie Aladdin. A Whole Noll World was the retreat’s theme, welcoming students to the start of high school at Bishop Noll. The theme was Disney inspired, featuring Disney movies and characters.

The day was filled with activities, games, and fun allowing students to get to know each other. While at the same time being involved with their faith through along independent student lead faith related sessions and an evening mass. 

“The freshman retreat is a great way to help welcome the freshman into the Noll family. Throughout the retreat, upperclassmen lead the student and become their friends and mentors. The are someone the freshman can look upon for advice,” explained the retreat’s student director, senior, Leslie Munoz.