Founder’s Day

Angela Luna

On Monday, September 16, Bishop Noll commemorated its founding through Founders Day. A Day to commemorate the beginning of Bishop Noll which began on September 16, 1921 when Catholic Central High School opened its doors for the first time.

    The day began with a special Founder’s Day Mass presided by Father, a Bishop Noll alum. The mass brought together students, faculty, and alumni reminding students of the school’s rich history and its legacy.

    Junior Mary Buksa, a eucharistic minister for the mass, explained the importance of the mass held. “Founders Day Mass was really different from other masses. It was really cool to have a Bishop Noll alum preside over the mass as well as have several alum in the congregation. During Mrs. Pastrick’s talk after mass, everyone sang the BNI  fight song from former alum to present day students. It was really cool to see everyone unite over our school.”

    After mass, Bishop Noll students enjoyed cake during lunch. Followed by a  Bishop Noll trivia game. The game asked questions about Bishop Noll’s history, background, mission, and fun facts. Student representatives from each grade level compete to see who knew more about Bishop Noll in order to win special Founder’s Day prizes.

The day closed off with an evening mass dedicated to all the Bishop Noll Alumni.

H.Spruill jr.