Noll House

Angela Luna

On September 30th, Bishop Noll kicked off it annual Noll House event. Every year Bishop Noll and its members donate money to build a home for a family in a developing country. The ultimate goal is to provide more than just a home, Bishop Noll aims to provide a family with other living necessities as well. 

    Each Bishop Noll homeroom will raise money to meet the goal. Donations are also can also be made online and are accessible to family members and alumni. Alongside the donations, Bishop Noll’s student council will host a jeans day on October 4th to raise money for Noll house. 

    Student council vice president, Felicity Miranda, explains the importance of Noll House and being involved in the cause,  “Noll House has been able to help families that are facing extreme poverty for six years and counting. I find it incredible to see the student body, along with faculty & staff, work together to build a home for strangers. This is what Noll is all about: loving your neighbor as yourself. “