Drama club to host lip sync battle fundraiser

Ceasar Perez, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll will be having a lip sync battle fundraiser on Feb. 18 as a more exciting way to raise money for the drama club.

     The goal is to raise a minimum of $500 to pay for all the set building expenses. They are charging $1.00 at the door and are also accepting donations. 

      According to the head of the drama club, Mrs. Kayla Konkle, the spring musical, “Once Upon a Mattress”, is going to be pretty expensive so she hopes the fundraiser will help alleviate the cost of props and costumes.. Konkle got the idea of the lip sync battle when driving home a few weeks ago, singing obnoxiously in the car. 

   “I thought, man wouldn’t this be fun to do on stage? And then it came to me!” she said.

   Any student interested in competing should sign up in the drama room and receive an explanation of the rules. The goal is to have 15 teams selecting one to two songs and then perform a full lip sync performance. Konkle suggests the performers are to dance, create a story, rock out, etc. to the song they choose. The audience will then have to vote for each team on their phones. The top three winners will be chosen at the end of the fundraiser and will be given a prize.