Art club makes candle holders for campus ministry


Jaclyn Wooley, Staff Reporter

Teaming up with campus ministry, Ms. Jen Gwiazda’s art club, decorated candles and candle holders that will be used at future Masses this year to commemorate the 100th year of Bishop Noll. Ms. Stacia Bolakowski, campus minister, held a prayer service with the candles and holders for the art club this past Tuesday, Nov. 10, after school in the chapel.


“The holders represent Bishop Noll’s faith, family atmosphere, academics, sports, and extracurriculars,” Gwiazda said. “Each candle holder is themed for each grade level.” 


According to Gwiazda, the freshmen candle holder to represents the strong foundation that BNI builds as students enter the school. The sophomore candle holder contains rocks and shells which is a nod to the students’ El Camino retreat. The junior candle holder contains flowers to represent how the students have blossomed and grown at BNI, and also contains Kairos medallions to reference that spiritual and crucial step in the student’s journey at BNI. The senior candle holder contains mini pine cones to represent how the students will soon be venturing out into the world to spread the legacy of BNI for years to come.Iit also contains pieces from the other “grade level ” holders to show all of the experiences and knowledge that they will leave BNI with.


Gemstones represent the diversity in the Noll community, and pine cones represent the strength of the school over the years. A cross on the holders shows the school’s strong faith and devotion to serving Christ. 


Bolakowski had the idea to collaborate with the art club and wanted to make it happen before the school’s next Mass. “Father Kevin Scalf shared the idea with me a few months ago,” she said.“I took it to Ms. Gwiazda and the Art Club, and they RAN with the idea! I am so happy with what they created!”