NHS Blood Drive Is On September 14, 2021

April Sepulveda , Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll’s National Honor Society will be hosting their first blood drive of the year on Sept. 14 in the back of the fieldhouse from 8:30 am-1:30 pm. Students who sign up  must meet the requirements. The blood drive will be open to BNI students and parents.

Senior Addison Cipowski is one of the chairpersons this year, and Campus Minister Ms. Bolakowski is in charge of this. Cipowski has been involved with this drive since her junior year. Ms. Bolakowski has been in charge of this since the spring of 2018, when she became the NHS adviser.

According to Ms. Bolakowski BNI has hosted the blood drive for many years, although the number of years are unknown. If you are over the age 16 then, Cipowski and Ms. Bolakowski highly encourage you to donate. As there are certain requirements which you can find on the website versiti.org.

 The age requirement is 16 but you must provide an official signed permission form to donate. The forms are available in Ms. Bolakowski office room 219. Once a student is  17 or older you can donate without parental permission. This is required because it is a federal law.

This year BNI hopes to have 45 sign ups and 30 successful donations. Usually about 20 and 35 students donated throughout the years. BNI hopes to have many donations to help the organization Versiti.

If you are not old enough to donate but would like to help there are many things you can do! Campus Minister Ms. Bolakowski urges, “We really encourage those 16 and older to donate. Those who are not old enough can educate themselves on how beneficial blood donation is for all of us, and then donate when they are eligible!”

Senior Addison Cipowski added,  “I think it’s a really great opportunity to give back to the community. Giving blood saves lives and if you are capable of giving why not?”