Boys Soccer team is going to Sectionals

Matthew Odegaard, Staff Writer

The Bishop Noll soccer team is now 8-6 with a new coaching staff heading into sectionals. The soccer team has been dominant for the last couple years and they had to make a coaching change. People were concerned about the change.“ Our coach has made a big impact to bring all the players together so we can strive to be our greatest,” Senior Kayode Olaoye said“The bond between the team has constantly grown into a brotherhood that goes beyond the field.”
With an upcoming game against Wheeler the stakes are higher.
The Bishop Noll Warriors are to take on the 8-4-2 Wheeler team who seems to be making headway in the game. Last time the Warriors and Bearcats met it ended up being a 1-0 shutout with a Bishop Noll win.“ Our biggest threat Wheeler has against us is probably ourselves. We can take home a win if we continuously work together for the dub,” said Kayode.
As we start to head into the end of the season injuries start to become a problem for all teams.“ The midfield is the core of the team and controls the movement of the game. We all have to do our parts but the midfield will make some of the biggest impacts.” Senior Antione Lewis said. The boys are going to face Wheeler on October 6th at Bishop Noll. Olaoye says,“ Our team’s biggest focus is the strength in our chemistry. Individually we are strong players and specialize in different skill sets. We need to put our different skill sets together so we can strive for greatness.”