The BSU continues to spread Black culture throughout Noll

Nalaya Ochoa, Staff reporter

Bishop Noll’s Black Student Union has been active over the past few years and has been working to gain more members. Currently, meetings are held every Wednesday in the media center and if students are interested in joining, they can talk to Mrs. Victoria Hibbler, math teacher, or senior Addison Mosley for more information.

“The purpose of the Black Student Union was to create a safe place for African American and Black students. The BSU is a place for students to feel welcome and it provides a place to talk about issues that are uncomfortable,” senior Addison Mosley said.

The BSU is building awareness and a new level of consciousness about being an African American in today’s society. All students are welcome to join to learn to understand the Black culture, while learning about yourself.

“The 3 most important values of the Black Student Union are supporting each other (no matter what, we are each other’s biggest support system), respecting each other (respect here is given to each other) and every voice is heard (there are no bad ideas, just ones that need to stay in the idea box),” Mosley said.

The BSU has been working with the history department to add lessons and activities for this coming February’s Black History Month. Sophomores will be studying the slave trade. Juniors will be studying Reconstruction. And seniors will be studying the post civil rights era. The prominent figures for this month include Henry Ford, original Uncle Tom, Nat Turner, and more.

“The Black Student Union is hoping to meet with the History Department in the hopes of going to the DeSable Museum so that we can align the Black History month Curriculum with visuals,” Hibbler said.