Freshman Tries Wrestling and Goes to Sectionals


Freshman Sebastian Zuwala grapples an opponent from Valparaiso before the pin to win the match. The freshman rookie went to sectionals last month.

Cristian Medina, Staff reporter

      In an intense wrestling match, Sebastian, very confident, goes to grapple his opponent. Everything seems to be going successful and he goes for the pin. He won the match and is happier than ever, not just because he won but because he was going to sectionals. 

    “I wanted to join wrestling so I asked my mom and she said sure.” Said Zuwala 

    Although Zuwala asked his mom for permission she doubted him. 

    “My mom and dad said that I wouldn’t do it and I would quit the first week and my friends were surprised.’’ Zuwala said. 

    Wrestling is a hard sport and isn’t easy to learn, but as an award you can learn a lot of lessons. 

    “I am stronger and can make quick decisions.” Said Zuwala

     “Something I learned is being mentally prepared to do things you think you can’t do.” Said Zuwala.