New Rules, New Coaches, and New Players

Tennis has it all


Coach Biaz correcting Junior Aranza Toral-Arellano’s racket grip.

Tayden Phillips, Junior Editor

The Bishop Noll girls tennis team is springing back into action this season, with a new coaching staff and players, and with that comes major changes.

Coach Baez is the new head girls coach and is an ‘85 alum. Assisting him is Spanish teacher Ms. Zarahi Gomez.

The tennis callout meeting on Thursday was filled to the brim with players, new and old. Around 43 players signed up.

Junior Marissa Casares, two year veteran player, says that she’s “excited” about how many new players there are and improving her play.

She played last season in the singles position, where two players go head to head against two other players. Sophomore Alyssa Schafbuch is a new player who joined the team in hopes of “making new friends, and meeting new people.”

Because of the influx in girls, try-outs are being held Monday March 14th.

Girls that want to make the team are expected to have a “passion and interest in tennis,” Gomez says.

Girls are expected to meet at Grove Park in Munster every day. Girls are given 3 times to miss practice or they risk being benched or even cut from the team.

Junior Gwyneth Wragg says that she is nervous about making the team because she’s never played before, but she isn’t nervous about the strict rules for the season. She says,“because we can still have fun playing.”


Coach Baez demonstrates overhand serve with Freshman Diana Torres-Cruz