Jujitsu Kaisan movie review

Matthew Odegaard, Staff reporter

With the recent rise in the popularity of anime. MAPPA, a famous studio for anime has released their first title to theaters. Jujutsu Kaisan is a famous show in the United States and Japan.
The show is about Yuta Okkostu who is a kid being raised by his sick grandfather. He feels special in a way but doesn’t really know what. Until one day when he eats a finger of Sukko. He managed to keep Sukko under control. So Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School keeps watch over him and teaches him valuable lessons. Eventually the goal will be to destroy Sukko all together
With Demon Slayer being a smash at the theaters last year, Jujitsu Kaisan has tried to do the same.
“It’s nice to see these characters we love come to the movies because before you would have to get a subscription to watch the movie,” said senior Dre’Ontae Upshaw.”
The movie’s animation was fantastic with great action scenes and good dialogue. Often the dialogue is very poor when the movie is being translated to English. The dub studio did very well at making sure English audiences could understand it.
“ It is a must see for people who love anime,” said senior Adriana Alveraz. Anime will influence the box office forever. Maybe they will even break some records. I give the film a 9/10. Awesome fight sequences and great character progression.