Masks become optional in all BNI hallways

Nicole Diaz, Staff Reporter

On Feb.3, Principal Lorenza Pastrick released the plan back to normalcy after two years of COVID-19. On Monday, Feb. 28, BNI classrooms combined into one classroom and desks were no longer 6 feet apart. On Monday, March 7th, masks had become optional to remove in classrooms only. As of Monday, March 14th, masks are fully optional. Students are free to roam the school halls with or without masks. 

    School had begun with an awkward start in 2020. Schools, organizations, and people everywhere had a difficult time getting used to the new normal. As things progressed, people began to slowly inch their way back into normalcy with declining COVID-19 cases. Bishop Noll launched its plan back into normalcy on February 28th. 

“I wanted to phase it for our most anxious kids who are genuinely fearful of COVID-19,” Pastrick says. “I wanted to give them a chance to mentally prepare.”

    Many of the students decide to stay masked. For different reasons, they feel more comfortable with their masks on. Some students remain unvaccinated. 

“I’m going to still wear my mask for the most part,” junior Javier Meraz says. “But it’s a good idea to get things slowly back to normal.”

    Some students who are already fully vaccinated remain cautious. 

“The decision to go mask optional definitely affects my comfort,” sophomore Mathieu Jadrych. “I feel that my chances of receiving COVID and taking it home to my family are what make me feel less comfortable.”

    Students will more than likely be split on the mask-optional change. Some ways to stay as safe as possible without having to wear a mask is to keep your distance, wash your hands constantly, and keep your hands to yourself as much as possible. The virus COVID-19 will be around for a while, so it is important to stay healthy. Principal Pastrick will continue to take precautions when necessary.

    “One thing I’ve learned through COVID is that nothing is permanent.”