Assistant principal leaves Noll after 7 years of teaching

administration Jaime Cavazos returns to business world



King of the Hill. After hearing Mr. Kevin Smith announce his last day at Bishop Noll, assistant principal Jaime Cavazos spends his last hours at Bishop Noll at the homecoming football game on Sept.16, 2022. Cavazos helped crown the king and queen at the crowning ceremony during half time of the football game for the very last time. “My last day was very memorable and fun, it’s always super exciting to see the reactions of the winners for homecoming king and queen,” Cavazos said.

Grace Buksa, Staff Reporter


Mr. Jaime Cavazos, a veteran staff member and assistant principal at Bishop Noll has chosen to close his chapter in education and will now be working at a non-profit organization in Chicago. “The mission of the organization is to mentor first generation college students,” Cavazos said. “I’ll be working with students from their junior year of high school to their sophomore year of college. The purpose of this organization is to provide these students with mentors to help them graduate high school and college.”

The former social studies teacher will be managing operations and helping the people in charge of the organization make decisions on what schools to partner up with. 

“The decision to leave Bishop Noll was hard but the new job that I’ll be working at is the perfect fit for me, I get to continue working in the educational field and I get to make a difference in so many kid’s lives,”, he said.

Cavazos started teaching at Noll in 2015 after a career shift from the business world to the education world. He became assistant principal in 2019 and when the pandemic hit, he devoted the majority of his tenure to safety protocol and COVID measures for students.  


Cavazos says that he’s going to miss the faculty and students at Noll the most. 

“I’ve developed many friendships with the staff members over the past 8 years that I’ve been here so it’ll be hard not seeing them anymore,” he said. “As tough as it is to leave the amazing people and environment at Noll, I know that my new job will bring me lots of happiness and success.” Staff and students describe Mr. Cavazos as funny, hardworking, and an overall amazing person to be around. 

“He was a great assistant principal,” said sophomore April Sepulveda. “My favorite memory of him was when he chased after the squirrel that got in the school last year. He practically sprinted up the stairs and down the hallways. It was hilarious.”

The position to be the new vice principal has been posted online on Bishop Noll’s school website. Candidates who wish to be selected for this position are required to have their masters in educational leadership and have successful teaching experience. Along with those qualifications, candidates must support and uphold the philosophy of Catholic education and the mission of Bishop Noll. Interviews for the assistant principal position begin on Monday, Sept.26. In the meantime, Pastrick will be taking over any assistant principal responsibilities until a replacement is found.