HSU hosts elote fundraiser

Bishop Noll’s Hispanic Student Union hosted their first-ever elote fundraiser on Friday, Jan. 13 after school in the lobby.


The elotes at the event were being sold for $2 each.


The idea for this event came when Mrs. Mayra Quiroz, HSU sponsor, and two HSU members, junior Daisy Gonzalez and senior Sophia Mendez, were discussing how to fund the Loteria Family Night.


“We didn’t want to do another bake sale and we wanted something that wouldn’t cost too much to produce,” Mendez said. “One of us thought of an elote sale and the idea sprang from there.”


The Loteria Family Night will take place in the school cafeteria in March. The HSU raised $210 from the fundraiser. 


“Fun decorations will adorn the cafeteria!” Mendez says. “There will be a costume contest that people can participate in…those who are in costume can expect money off of admission.”


All supplies at the event, including utensils, the corn, and toppings, were all supplied by the students in the HSU.