The hype for Spider-man No Way Home


Peyton Sperry, Staff reporter

Fans have hyped this movie ever since it was announced. They would post links and set photos of the movie and people say it’s real and some people think it’s fake, but we will find out on December 17th if it’s all real or fake.

    Spider-man No Way Home will be released in theaters on December 17th and everyone around the world is excited for one reason and that’s all the returning actors from the original Spider-man movies are coming back. The story for the Spider-man movie is that his identity has been revealed and he wants everyone to forget, so he goes to Dr.Strange’s mansion and asks him if there’s a spell to make everyone forget Peter Parker is Spider-man and when Dr.Strange does the spell it is messed up and the original villains form the original Spider-man movies return and Spider-man has to stop them. 

    When asked about the leaks and rumors for the movie being a big spoiler or not, Julian Ramirez a freshmen student says that, “I personally would not consider the leaks to be spoilers necessarily since there is next to no confirmation, sure it takes away from the surprise somewhat but it also makes it so when something completely out of the blue happens it hits a lot harder.”

    The movie has sold more than $250 million in box office right now and if this will surpass Avengers Endgame by the looks of it, it might. Who knows what might happen after this movie and how this could change for the Spider-man movies in the future.

    Ramirez thinks this will happen.

            “After this movie I feel like the actors and crew will take a break then prepare for their next project, whether that be another Spider-Man movie or just another marvel movie in general.”

    While there are people thinking that this could be Marvel’s biggest movie and surpass Endgame they may be right since they hyped up this movie more than Endgame. 

    Ramirez thinks differently 

    “I feel like it has potential to be one of the biggest Marvel movies, I don’t think it would take the title from things like Avengers Endgame and Infinity War but it can definitely be one of the biggest Marvel movies.”

    The fans have lots of expectations for the movie, some that are crazy and some that are just insane and may not happen but they will enjoy the movie know matter what because this is the movie they were hyping up since it was announced. 

    Ramirez thinks the same. “I feel like the movie will live up to most expectations, then again there are many people expecting extremely unrealistic things and for those people I doubt it but for everyone that has realistic expectations then I feel like the movie will possibly be able to blow their expectations out of the water.”

    In this movie they are setting up a big event in the MCU. Where different heroes/villains or same heroes/villains are from different universes this event is known as the Multiverse. And this will definitely impact the MCU. 

    Ramirez says, “This movie will definitely be impactful for marvel, I think this because not only is it a Spider-Man movie, one of the things marvel profits off the most, but also because it is setting up an event that changes the MCU as a whole.”