Grammy highlights

The annual Grammy Awards ceremony’s apparent success and affect on the American people

Mia Washington, Staff Reporter

Music junkies, critiques, fans and more gathered around the television last Sunday evening to view the 59th annual Grammy Awards ceremony that was broadcasted live by CBS network from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. This event proved to be the most epic and eccentric  event of the weekend owing to the fact that Beyonce gave a tribute to motherhood, Busta Rhymes called out President Trump calling him “ President Agent Orange” along with  A Tribe Called Quest who performed their first album in eighteen years bringing nostalgia and satire to us all. However, these highlights are just a few.

One of the most memorable highlights according to US Weekly was Adele’s heartfelt tribute to George Michael. “My earliest memory of me being a fan was Fastlove. When the video came out, I was blown away by how hot he was. I was young, I was about 10 and I heard the vulnerability in that song”.


In addition, during the lead in of “ We the  People” by A Tribe Called quest, Busta Rhymes ad libed anti-Trump statements, called him names, and stated that his “ Muslim ban” had failed. Afterwards, an empty microphone stand was set up for the late Phife Dawg. His verse on “We the People” played out as everyone on stage stood and raised their fists.


Though the 59th Grammy Awards ceremony is bound to go down in history, the American people anticipate what next year’s event may conduct.