Theatre department to put on Xanadu this spring

Lacey Stanford, Staff Reporter

The Bishop Noll Drama Club has announced their spring musical of Xanadu, a musical parody of the 1980 film starring Olivia Newton-John.  In this comedic musical which focuses on 1980s roller skating and the Greek muses, the main Greek muse Clio is on a journey to help a man named Sonny Malone and his artistic abilities. 

Auditions for the play were held January 11-14 in the auditorium from 3-6 pm.

With the increase in national COVID cases, the theatre department is still discussing the precautions to keep everyone safe

 “We are going to make sure to have a safe and healthy rehearsal process,” said Mrs. Kayla Konkle, theatre teacher.“Students will be masked the entire time during rehearsals and all students need to be vaccinated to be involved in the production. The show will now be taking place in May, and our hopes are that the covert numbers will decrease by then so that way we can do the performance unmasked.”  

From many of the people in the drama club and people auditioning, they are excited for this musical and to be a part of it. 

“Xanadu is one of my favorite musicals of all time, so I was extremely excited to find out we’re doing it,” said senior Abigail Wojtaszek. “It’s such a goofy story and I can’t wait for the school to see our spin on it!” 


Konkle says her favorite character would be Calliope. 

“She is one of the two antagonists/villains of the play. Calliope is pretty much the sidekick to her older sister. She’s incredibly goofy, has a wacky voice and I always describe her as the Kronk type character If you’re familiar with Emperors New Groove,” she says. 

The show will be the weekend of May 13, with the tickets costing $8 for adults, students with a school ID will be $5. During the show you will need to wear a mask. There will be a concession stand for you to get food before and in the middle of the show.