BNI student artwork displayed at SSC art show

Olivia Magallon, Staff Reporter

Artwork from Bishop Noll students is currently being displayed at the SSC art show from the end of January until the festival day on Feb.25 at South Suburban College in South Holland, IL.


Students of BNI whose artwork was displayed include seniors Olivia Magallon, Julieta Wedryk,  Addison Cipowski, Taylor Dafnis, Katie Seleb, Emily Lynch, Angela Martinez; juniors Jacqueline Orozco, Keira Quinlan, Sophia Mendez, Marissa Casares, Juliana Barerra; sophomores Isabelle Taillon, Alessandra Lopez; and freshman Victoria Velez. 


The South Suburban College Regional High School Art Exhibition Festival takes place on Friday, Feb.25. Many different art forms are displayed at this event.


“Specifically from Bishop Noll, there are paintings, drawings, digital art, and ceramics pieces on display,” said Ms. Jen Gwiazda, art teacher. 


Students could also win awards from the SSC college for their artwork during the festival. 


“Alessandra Lopez has won an award for her digital art piece that she created for Miss Dominiak’s class,” said Gwiazda, “Alessandra’s work was a colorful pop art style piece that has El Milagro Tortillas as the subject.” 


Gwiazda takes some of BNI’s art students on a field trip to view their work displayed at South Suburban College Feb. 25th. 


“In years past, everyone who had artwork in the show was able to attend, but this year with Covid protocols being strict at the college, I am only able to bring 5 students. Addison Cipowski, Jacqueline Orozco, Julieta Wedryk, Alessandra Lopez and Isabelle Taillon will attend this event,” said Gwiazda, “All BNI artists were given a google survey to complete to gauge their interest, that is how I based who would attend the event.”


Some students have multiple projects going on display. 


“One of my projects was a ceramic box that’s very colorful with pieces carved out on the side and my other project was a ceramic coraline doll,” said Wedryk,”My favorite piece is my box because of the variety of colors I used.” 


“I sculptured a purple pants pot. I also sculpted a box with an octopus on the top and a beach design on the bottom,” said Cipowski, “My favorite piece is my pants pot because it is really unique and I love the shade of purple I used on it.”  


This event gives art students the opportunity to showcase their pieces and gain confidence in their abilities. 


“Having my piece put on display means a lot to me because it made me feel very accomplished,” said Wedryk. 


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