Junior shares interest for anime

Valerie Arellano, Staff Reporter

Juliana Barrera is a junior with a love for anime.


Barrera has been interested in anime ever since she was a little girl. Anime is Japanese produced television shows and movies that are mainly cartoons. Compared to cartoons, anime is a much more realistic form of animation, and Barrera likes the different style of art.

Barrera really enjoys all the different types of art in Japanese culture. In particular, she enjoys the different types of style and scenery.

“I took an interest in anime because I really enjoy art and my father would put on anime for me when I was younger,” Barrera said.

One series that Barrera enjoys is Beastars.

 “An anime series that I really enjoy is Beastars because of the unique animation style and the intense story plot,” Barrera said.


 Barrera’s interest started when she was younger. Her dad, who is also an anime fan, influenced her and introduced her to the cartoons.

“I got into anime at a really young age because my dad would always put on Studio Ghibli movies for me such as Ponyo and My Neighbor Totoro.”


Barrera believes that anyone could find an anime that they relate to. She believes that anyone could create their own reality within an anime and find comfort within it. 

“I believe the most interesting thing about anime is that there is so much of it so you are easily able to find an anime that you can enjoy/relate to. Also, the fact that anyone is able to create an animation and there are no rules to it,” Barrera said.


Barrera believes that anime can create a sense of stability and it creates an inspiration for people that are going through hard times.

 “I am very interested in anime because I believe it is a beautiful thing since it has the ability to inspire/motivate and help people at their darkest times.” Barrera said, “It is a great way to make new friends through this community. The way that a voice actor, a composer, an animator, A writer, etc. are able to come together to create something meaningful to people around the world is incredible.”